Why should I train with KLax?

Here is a look inside what KLax Training can do for you!  What makes KLax unique is the comprehensive focus on the multiple layers of a successful player including fundamental skills, speed, agilities, movement, conditioning and injury prevention.  In our workouts, we create game like situational movements that incorporate a primary purpose with a secondary benefit.  We stay current with how the game is changing and evolving to better prepare  KLax athletes to compete.   


Trick Shot vs Opportunity?

Some call it a Trick Shot.  At KLax, we call it Opportunity Shooting!  Yes they are a little more flashy than straight on shooting, but there is a place for these shots.  And we love it when our athletes get creative and aren't afraid to take some risks in training!  

Hip Work

Sport Specific Workouts

Lacrosse is a sport that rewards explosive speed.  KLax works to prepare our athletes with workouts catered to their individual needs as a lacrosse player.  This hip workout translates to that explosiveness on the field! 

Ground Balls

KLax training programs break down skills, teach strong technique and incorporate secondary benefits, like explosive movements, into each workout.  This video demonstrates the KLax approach with ground balls.  We break down an essential skill, run players through a progression of the proper technique to maximize their execution of the skill, and incorporate the secondary benefit of enhancing explosive movement (critical to winning those 50-50 battles) through the use of resistance bands. 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

It Will Be Hard, But It Will Be Worth It!

We believe this!  There are no shortcuts on the road to greatness!  Klax workouts are challenging but we always want to make sure our athletes enjoy what they are doing!  If you don't love to play, then you won't want to play.  We push our elite athletes to their limits but always make sure they are taking something useful away from each workout.  

Summer Series


Summer Workouts

The KLax Summer Series is HARD but fun; FAST but focussed; POWERFUL but technical!  Join other KLaxletes to see what it is all about!